Two friends; one an Earper, the other new to the show. Wynaught start a podcast? Anne, the Earper has been trying to get her friend Casey (ex girlfriend and co-host of the podcast Ex-Cetera) to watch. Casey has finally agreed to not only watch but to open her experience up to a podcast. Thus, Wynaught was born. Because, why not? Let's do things that scare us! www.wynaught.com music by The Daily Fare www.thedailyfaremusic.com

About the Hosts

Casey WardProfile Photo

Casey Ward

Casey Ward (she/her) co-Creator and producer of Wynaught is an Earper, foster care advocate, and has become the reluctant co-host and laugh behind two podcasts. She lives in Wisconsin with her partner, three kids and dog. Her laugh can also be heard on Ex-Cetera where she co-hosts and produces.

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Anne Hicks-Bleecker


Anne Hicks-Bleecker (she/they) M.Ed., co-creator, producer and editor of Wynaught, is an Earper, teacher, nature enthusiast, dog lover and aspiring comedy writer and improviser. She is a Southern California transplant by way of Wisconsin where she lives with her partner, two children, three dogs and tortoise. She also co-hosts and produces podcasts: This Earper Life, Ex-Cetera and Earpology as well as edits the My Mistake Podcast