Dec. 26, 2022

Between the Snowman Sheets with Stacey & Jen

Between the Snowman Sheets with Stacey & Jen

Anne sits down and talks with Stacey (New54321) and Jen G. about Beneath Your Snowman Sheeets

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Anne sits down for a casual conversation with Beneath Your Snowman Sheets author Stacey aka New54321 (Twitter @StaceyE706)  and narrator Jen G. (Twitter @Jen_Z_Green) to talk all things "Snowman Sheets"

A big thank you to Stacey for allowing us to record and air her work and to Jen for her hours of recording. This was a really fun project!
Happy New Year!

Waverly has been Nicole’s best friend since they were four years old.

She’s been the unrequited love of her life since they were six.

Eighteen years ago, on the day Nicole fell in love beneath a makeshift sprig of mistletoe and a set of special Christmas bedsheets, she made her best friend a promise.

That one day, when they were grown, she would take Waverly on the date of her dreams.

This Christmas, will Nicole finally get to make good on her promise?

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