Nov. 14, 2021

A Moment Over a Year in The Making

A Moment Over a Year in The Making

Anne here!

I don't really know where to begin. This all started because I wouldn't shut up about Wynonna Earp with Casey on our other podcast (Ex-Cetera). We started that podcast in September 2019 and didn't promote it and mostly it was just our friends and family listening to it. Fast forward to October 2020 when Casey asks me if there are any Wynonna Earp podcasts and I reply "a few". Casey then pitches the idea of her watching the show and us podcasting about it. I laid down some rules to keep her spoiler free and here we are...a year later watching the last episode of season 4.

I suspected that Earpers would listen and enjoy the podcast but what neither of us expected was the warm reception we would receive. We enjoy hearing that we have brought some levity and laughter to your days even on some of the really hard ones. 

On a personal note, I'm really emotional coming to this chapter and cannot quite describe it all so I'm not going to try. It's just...well...a little weird and indescribable. 

We hope you can join us as Casey watches the finale of season 4 for the first time, Friday, November 19th at 5:30 pm pst on Twitch. We hope to chat with some of you afterwards as well. See you there...

Everyone Welcome