July 10, 2022

The Auction

Wow! Is that what watching sports is like? We were so fascinated by the Wynonna Earp auction. We have questions. LOTS of questions. Please consider coming on the podcast and sharing with us why you purchased what you did. Was is something that meant something to you? Did you just need a coffin to finish your end of life preparations? How did you make the choices you made. No judgement, ok, maybe a little judgement but all in good fun. You can fill out a Goog document at Auction Stories

and we will try to have you on our next episode (likely recording 7/12/22 at 5 pm pst). If we do not get. you on the episode we may read your Google document response on the episode instead OR you can leave us a voicemail by going to www.wynaught.com and clicking on the microphone in the lower right corner of the screen and recording 2 minutes at a time until you are done. Please tell us your name, Twitter handle, what you bought and why. We can add your voicemail into the episode if it makes it in time.

Know that your winning bids went to help amazing organizations like:

Skipping Stone https://www.skippingstone.ca/ and Rainbow Railroad https://www.rainbowrailroad.org/ continue to do meaningful work.