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Ficmas Love

I just finished listening to Between the Snowman Sheets! This was so great. Y’all did such a great job. Thank you Stacey. Thank you Jen. Thank you Anne. I am patiently waiting for the next one. Much love

Love it

This is such a fun podcast. Introducing a new person to the Earp world and listening to their thoughts about the show reminds me of my thoughts when I first found the show

The best podcast

Anne and Casey are just the best. They make me smile every time I listen to their podcast and their stories. They are so funny and so real. If you are thinking about giving them a chance do not hesitate they are the best.

Great ride!

What a cool idea and great podcast! Congrats on making it to the end! Hope to see you at Earp-a-palooza 2022.

Wynaught give this a listen?!

I love all things Wynonna Earp and there is honestly nothing better in this world than introducing someone close to you to a brand new show that they’ll fall in love with! It’s so rewarding. I love doing rewatches with you and immediately listening to your episodes right after! I always find something new to fangirl over! Keep Earping <3

I made an itunes account for the sole purpose of leaving this review

This podcast is hysterical and sweet and perfect and has actually provided me with plenty of insights I didn't pick up during my own viewings. If you're an Earper and you haven't listened, you need to do it NOW! You're going to want to binge it, I promise. You're going to want to do chores around the house just to have an excuse to throw on your headphones and listen. It's THAT good.


I so love listening to you two while I’m out walking and running errands. I pick up something new with every episode. I enjoy hearing Casey’s insights, and Anne’s Easter eggs make me laugh! You guys really are a joy to listen to.

Laugh out loud fun

Ok so I definitely look like a crazy person on my morning walks listening to this because I am legit laughing out loud. It’s so much fun. Really love the experience of listening to a new Earper watch the show and talk about it. So many new angles to look at and things I never thought about before. Can’t wait to continue my binge through this podcast!

Such fun

No matter how many times you’ve seen the series, it is endless fun hearing someone experience it for the first time. Also they always find things I missed, it’s like new again

Anne & Casey Are "All In"

This is a really fun podcast to listen to! If you're already watched Wnonna Earp it's a great way to relive the series or it would be a great companion if you're watching the show for the first time. All Earpers will enjoy it.

What’s better than watching Wynonna Earp for the first time?

Listening to Casey and Anne talk about Casey watching Wynonna Earp for the first time! Enjoying the laughs! Keep up the good work! Earp 🔜.

entertainingly funny & informative:)

i’m rewatching wynonna earp for the 3rd time & decided to listen to each podcast episode as it correlates with the episode i just watched. i tend to listen to the podcast while i’m at work & im always laughing or smiling (under my mask). this podcast is such a delight & brightens up my day. it is also very informative because they tend to catch things that i didn’t even catch (even after watching it 3 times). they also talk about topics that i’ve always wondered too so it’s a really great podcast. i recommend it to any newer & even old earpers 😌


Podcast is pretty dope :) always love a good fandom. I will say it takes me a week to listen to one while working. I do get them in. There’s a lot of fandom pods this one is super dope

Love this podcast!

I love this podcast! It’s so fun to relive each episode and hear Casey’s, the new Earper, reactions! I can’t wait for 4B, but I also look forward to the new podcast each week! I also love the Easter eggs that Anne drops!

This podcast is my new Earper obsession

I’ve rewatched this show so many times but this podcast lets me relieve all the glorious episodes with a fresh and hilarious perspective. It’s like getting to watch Wynonna Earp with friends. I look forward to each new episode like a little kid on Christmas morning😅. Thank you for taking my Earper experience to the next level. ❤️🥰 P.S. I just bought the wynaught podcast shirt and I’m so excited for it to arrive. 🤩

I love this podcast

I came a little late to this podcast but quickly caught up and I am loving every minute of it. Listening to Casey react gives me nostalgia of watching the show for the first time. Anne’s reaction are exactly what I’m thinking as I listen to Casey gasp at every twist. If you love Wynonna Earp you will love this podcast

Great podcast, great hosts!

It’s so fun getting to re-live these episodes with Casey. So glad you guys decided to create this podcast!

A perfect hang out

It’s great when you hear people talk about the show you love, but it’s even better when you revisit the show you love through a skeptical (an fairly so) eye. When I started watching Wynonna Earp I was pretty much in Casey’s shoes, not a big fan of Sci fi, not knowing anything about ship names, intense fandoms, etc... and it’s fun to see Casey slowly becoming one of us. When I listen to these girls is like I’m hangin out with very chill and fun friends. Highly recommend.

This is one of my favourite podcasts.

As a new Earper it makes me feel like I'm part of a unique experience. Listening to you two makes my week. Thank you for taking us along an awesome ride! ~ AJ 1/11 Long Drive worthy! Joining you two in this experience has been such an amazing thing. My best friend and I take long rides to listen and laugh along with Casey’s journey. Surprisingly, my friend went through the process on her own to surprise me after I had begged and forced Wayhaught scenes on her. This happened about a month after I found this… and we have been taking long rides every week. Thank you for making this safer space for new Earpers - Ingrid - 2/11.

Great podcast!

I love this podcast! Anne and Casey crack me up every episode and it’s such a joy getting to relive the show through someone enjoying it for the first time!

Redmint for Life!

Hi Casey, I’ve been here since the beginning and just want to say a few things about the podcast. First of all thank you for providing me and so many others something to look forward to each week while in this long hiatus. Anne and you in each episode manage to make me laugh so much. Besides the laughs you guys also have really great insight on the show. Keep doing everything your doing and I look forward to the day your caught up and can be on the “Tweeeter” for real 🤣.

The Best!

This podcast is the highlight of my week, and definitely my favorite podcast! Listening to Casey go through Wynonna Earp for the first time is like revisiting the show with fresh eyes – plus Anne and Casey are both hilarious. Keep being awesome, you guys!


I love these guys, it’s such a lovely podcast to listen to and it’s fun hearing Casey react to our favorite show for the first time. Redmints forever!

so good!!

as someone who also recently got into this show, it is so fun to listen to these as i do my rewatch in preparation for 4b. you guys are hilarious and i love this so much!!

Hilarious ride through newbie Earpdom

I’ll admit, I started this podcast for the Kat Barrell interview and then rewound to the first episode. These two make me guffaw out loud...which is awkward with ear buds in. My wife and child have learned to deal with it.

Anne + Casey = FanF***ingTastic!

So, I am bummed that I can’t leave a comment for each episode, but I definitely wanted to leave one after the Kat Barrell/Casey/Anne episode. You ladies brought it and always do. This is such a fun Podcast. I can’t say just how much I love listening to you both. Even though Casey has admitted she is now an Earper, listening to her move through her journey has been such a treat. Keep the content coming and know that we all are loving it!

So much awesome...

Love this podcast! My wife and I are newbie Earpers (although we binge watched it all pretty quickly and are about to go back for round 2!) This show affected us so deeply, so quickly, that I found myself trying to find anything and everything Wynonna related. Through that search, I found your podcast, and I just think you two are such natural podcasters. It makes my wife and I want to start a podcast because you just seem like you’re having a blast! And what a great concept for a show. I’m only a few episode in, but listen every chance I get. Thanks for doing this, and for being honest and awesome. You two rock- a lot!

So Much Fun!!

I absolutely love listening to these two! Rewatching & hearing Casey’s take on the show is fantastic!! So much fun!! Thank you so much for doing this!!

Great WE Podcast

I’m not a big podcast listener but this one is so entertaining. It’s great to relive the show through a Newbies eyes. Great job and you both are hilarious! I have found myself laughing out loud so much with this podcast.

Love the premise!

Veteran Earper here, and I must say I love the premise for this podcast! It’s so much fun experiencing someone viewing Wynonna Earp for the first time. Podcasts have definitely become a saving grace for me this past year, and a good recap of my favorite show is just what I needed! Can’t wait to binge the rest of the episodes when I get to work tomorrow. I never thought of the inconsistency of Wynonna’s luggage in the pilot episode because I was always too wrapped up in how the bus got back on the road after the flat tire. No way that driver got that fixed! But that’s neither here nor there...keep it up, can’t wait to dive in!