Wynaught - A Fangirl Podcast

This is one of my favourite podcasts.

As a new Earper it makes me feel like I'm part of a unique experience. Listening to you two makes my week. Thank you for taking us along an awesome ride! ~ AJ 1/11

Long Drive worthy!

Joining you two in this experience has been such an amazing thing. My best friend and I take long rides to listen and laugh along with Casey’s journey. Surprisingly, my friend went through the process on her own to surprise me after I had begged and forced Wayhaught scenes on her. This happened about a month after I found this… and we have been taking long rides every week. Thank you for making this safer space for new Earpers - Ingrid - 2/11.

Feb. 25, 2021 by itpinheiro on Apple Podcasts

Wynaught - A Fangirl Podcast